Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Days Are Long

The days are long, but oh so wonderful.

We have been busy on the farm.

Planting, planning, praying.

We fall to into bed, completely exhausted and utterly happy.

This, our dream, is happening.

And with His perfect timing, we had five days of rain.

It was the blessings pouring out from Heaven.

With every rain drop that fell, we sent prayers of thanksgiving, envisioning those who are hungry, coming the farm to fill their bellies and their baskets.

We pray for a great harvest, but already feel undeniably blessed to be the worker's for His purpose. It is for His glory, and we are but humble farmers.

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Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Don't you just love the rain? I love seeing the work you are putting into the vision God has given you. Blessings and prayers for abundance!