Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just a moment

A quick picture, one of our chilly days here on the farm....

I do so enjoy this time of year. I have also vowed to slow down and not do anything that makes me anything less than a happy mama and wife.

We don't eat a lot of cookies (and we don't consume white sugar or white flour) so I have a recipe I'm going to try out and that's it.

I don't decorate with too many things as we are minimalists here, and prefer space over knick-knacks and decor (I do love looking at homes that put out beautiful decorations and design so well, I'm just a more functional type person. That, and when I dust, I can't stand to have to move a bunch of things....and dust on a farm is a losing battle :) ).

We also don't have a lot of plans. We like to cozy up at night and watch movies and read books, make homemade hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream. Everyone has their favorite blanket and favorite spot.

We are reveling in this time together, and both my husband and I are excited to watch AJ as he soaks up this season. There is something so special about Christmas at his age.


Mrs.Rabe said...

He is adorable! And so big!

Enjoy your time together.


Leigh said...

This is a very precious age for this time of year. You are so wise in your decisions. Happy Christmas!