Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Harvest Season

As the harvest season is nearing its close, I seem to finally have the time to sit and write about the last few months, if only for a moment. It seems like lately, I have been doing less and less of the "living" for technology, and more of the enjoy-life-now. I have been soaking up the sweet hugs and kisses of a growing two year old and taking the time to have one more cup of tea at the table with my husband. I see these other bloggers growing readership and followers, with giveaways and promotions, something I used to believe I too wanted. But, as of late, I have refocused and honed in my attitude and mentality--to grow where I am planted.

Gone are the days of comparison tactics, of holding up the proverbial measuring stick and seeing where I stack up against the rest. I used to think to myself that if others were capable of thwarting themselves into realms of success, than I too should be able to do so. If others could do it all, why couldn't I?

And the answer is simple, because I am Me.

Over the past few months, I've removed most distractions to really hone in on what I feel I should be doing. what is best for my family and I, what matters most to me, my perspective on life, and the how the hours are spent during the day. My conclusion has been undeniably simple--I want to serve Him, my family and friends. I want to go where He wants me to, and I want to be willing and able to do so. If I'm too busy focusing on how everyone else is doing or how I think I should be doing, than I inevitably miss my own calling.

You see, oftentimes, I will read about recipes, lifestyles, business ventures, blogging opportunities, homesteading operations, and I instantly feel as though I am drinking from a fire hose. Better yet, a geyser. The information can easily become overwhelming, simply pouring off the pages, leaving me treading water in a sea of unfulfilled expectation, implicated only by myself.

So, during this season of harvest and thanksgiving, I am reflecting on the deliberate life I live, and how much I enjoy living the life He gave me. The dream of feeding people continues to thrive here, as we have given away a few hundred pounds of food. Every time a basket or a bag of food leaves the farm, I feel a sense of pride and purpose, knowing that the food is going where it should. My hands are callused from the season and my muscles ache daily, but my heart is overflowing with love and pride for this land. This farm has become part of us, a simple dream to an answered prayer.

 A prayer that He answers in His timing....

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Mrs.Rabe said...

That is lovely Jaclyn.

God is directing your life and you are listening to Him.

AJ is so darling! I am glad to see your family thriving!